Daily archives: August 31st, 2017

King Wayz (@kingwayz_) – Used to be Like You ft. Demo


Wayz Up entertainment presents the new single from King Wayz – Used to Be Like You ft Demo. Minnesota artist King Wayz has a new look and new music. Check out the new single and video playing on Tapehustlers.com + mobile app, thisis50 and many more!


Fatelive (@FATELIVE) – Got the Time

New artist Fatelive threatens major labels for bad contract offers and drops single with indie label.


Got the time – ” #DeucenoTruce EP” Prod. by @Superstaarbeats
All the way from a small neighborhood in Uptown Manhattan to LA, ATL, Miami and back. This new artist Fatelive seems like he is for the charts with this new release from his anticipated project #Deucenotruce. This upbeat and bouncy sound is said to be released by independent Label #Tripblockthelabel mid 4th quarter of 2017. #Fatelive has a decent range of flows in his sound from Hip-Hop to R&B. Very melodic and lyrical. This is definitely an artist to follow and keep up with as he continues touring The United states. Wonder what city he will hit next?

**Now Available on Available on itunes, spotify, Apple music, Google play and Amazon.**

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Vion (@BigBangCEO) – The High Way

Vion is an artist, music producer, and DJ from Norfolk, VA. Vion is also known as VbeatZ, V From The V and DJ V. Vion is on a mission to let the world know his story. Vion is releasing a new single called The High Way. The High Way has a double meaning as Vion talks about driving down the high way with his friends looking for a good time and using marijuana to help cope with the trials and tribulations Vion has been through over the years. Coming from a struggling family, being deployed in Iraq while in the army, loosing best friends to murder, struggling with health issues and loosing his mother to cancer, Vion often used marijuana to help cope with these issues. Vion feels he has just woken from the dead as he has become more active with his work. He is currently working on new music that he plans to release for himself and other artist on his label called Big Bang Productions. Stay tuned for future releases and performances.



Shyne On Me (@shyne_on_medc) – “Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped EP”

‘Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped’ is a project celebrating Shyne On Me’ s full deliverance through submitting his life whole- heartedly to Christ! After 10 years of struggling with addictions and personal demons such as alcoholism, drug abuse, depression etc., the artist comes clean about his fight and triumph in a series of transparent tracks giving glory to God for helping him overcome these obstacles. With his signature and unique soulful sound and witty lyricism he captures the listener’s attention as well as their hearts this time around with his unconcealed testimony. This versatile 6- track EP is sure to musically grasp listeners through his distinct display of artistry as well as offer hope to those in search of true joy, peace and happiness!

Twitter: @shyne_on_medc
Facebook: fb.com/shyneonmedc