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Junya Boy feat. Bryson Tiller – “He Ain’t Right” (@JunyaBoyDallas @brysontiller @nonstopent214 @mikeellisspeaks)

Junya Boy and Bryson Tiller tell the ladies in so many words “He Ain’t Right”, without directly hating on any man with a plan out there to keep their woman. On the other hand. You can definitely expect these guys to pull up on your ladies fellas if your are not right… Keep watchin!!!

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LDG IS LIKE (@ldgislike) – “BLOW”


Independent underground artist LDG IS LIKE, is finally back on his grind and rebranding his label (WLR) from top to bottom. With LDG’s new Single, BLOW, he’s doing exactly that. Blow, is the leading record off of the soon to come album, Dedicated to My Enemies, available on all streaming services and digital retailers.

LDG is a veteran in the Akron music scene and has been earning his keep as of late. The completion of 3 albums in 2016/2017 are now in the process of being pressed up and released. Blow being the first official single in almost two years should create some major excitement for fans. The Single is has a Club feel but structured with top notch lyrics. Packed with creative lines, double entendres, and metaphors every type of person is bound to find themselves moving to this record.

LDG says the song was inspired by one of his favorite boxers, Gennady Golovkin (Triple G). Golovkin is known to be one of the most devastating knockout punchers in the sport of boxing today, validating LDG’s claims of his Blow, and “packing a punch”. The beat was produced by Mad Real and recorded by Nathan Vail, in Kenmore, Ohio at Just a Dream Studios. You can stream the song on Spotify here: it’s also available on Amazon, ITunes, Apple Music, Tidal and more! Visit for updates on LDG IS LIKE.


DAME (@introvertdame) – “Bad Biti”

Check out the superb new lyrics video for DAME “Bad Biti”, produced by Sour Lemon Beats. This single is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon & More.


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FLX (@HeauxMalone) – Remember Me

reFLX Presents “Remember Me” a track centered on going through the rocky last stages of an unstable relationship with wishful thinking knowing it won’t work. Reflex (based out of Georgia) started with nothing but an iPhone, GarageBand, and a headset singing in his closet after everyone else in the house had long since fallen asleep. Four years later in present day he is quickly being established as someone to be taken serious with ambition comparable to none.


C-STEEZEE (@csteezee) – “Come Alive”

Musical artist C-STEEZEE “Come Alive” one of the many dope new songs from the “Root Of Evil Album” available now on all major streaming / download sites. Follow @CSTEEZEE on all social media. Welcome To STEEZEE WORLD!


Magda Angélica (@magndangelica) – Abuela Sangre

Magda Angélica is a singer and songwriter from Guatemala in Central America. Hes music is based on the wisdom of ancestral roots, fusing Mesoamerican and contemporary sounds, building bridges between cultures and diverse thoughts. She has produced 5 albums and performed concerts in Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Magda Angélica has received awards for Best Song at International Song Festivals in Uruguay and Paraguay. Hes music has been part of audiovisual projects in Australia, Mexico and the United States. She is currently recording her sixth album.

Twitter: @magndangelica
Instagram: @magdangelica

Junya Boy (@JunyaBoyDallas) – Freak-A-Ween (Hosted by @TheFloodEffect) @nonstopent214 @mikeellisspeaks

Freak-A-Ween is the debut mixtape from Dallas TX-based recording artist Junya Boy, a collaborative project centered around producer and songwriter, Hot Rod. The Freak-A-Ween mixtape, hosted by DJ Flood G, is a mixture songs Junya Boy, recorded mainly for the ladies.

The first single dropped days before its release, Freak-A-Ween is a highly favored debut; with dramatic, nasty 90s Plies type jams, that demands dancing and movement.

Junya Boy has worked with artists including Bryson Tiller, Sean Paul, Suga T and NFL Football star Jeremy Mincey, among others. Currently working with producer Young Balla on his new single “He Aint Right” featuring Bryson Tiller, expect more collaborations from Junya Boy and more artist here real soon.

Download Mixtape:

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Junya Boy (@junyaboydallas) – “OHOHOH” (@nonstopent214 @mikeellisspeaks)

Junya Boy comes out the wood works, with his new single “OHOHOH”, and Halloween mixtape entitled ‘Freakaween’. With 4 albums already complete and ready for the world, Junya Boy is still working on more and one to watch for 2018.

Download: Junya Boy – ‘FreakAWeen’ (Mixtape)

I.D.Y.L.L.Z (@DoeIdyllz) – As The Game Begins #swerrrdmedia

I.D.Y.L.L.Z – a hip hop group from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2010 by Freenzy (Darron Rhodes), D-Rock (Darion Rhodes) and Jay.R The Prince (Stan Elliott). The group acronym and name pronounced “Idols” stands for Individual, Dudes, You, Love, Listening, 2! expressing individuality, overall originality and telling lessons of today’s generation from their upbringing and perspective growing up in the streets of St. Louis. Our latest release “ATGB” is a catalyst of what this team plans to bring to the table.


PLARU (@saintplaru) – NO NEW FRIENDS