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Delirious & The Messge – “Running Back” (Video) @delirious_pro @TheMessge

With the creative fusion of classic UK Garage and modern Afrobeats sounds, ‘Running Back’ is sure to take the summer by storm! Eager to make an impact, Delirious gives his thoughts on the track:

“The creation of running back was an extremely organic oldschool, newschool fusion. The sound is fresh with the upbeat afro dancehall drum-beats fused with gritty garage bass. The ‘iconic’ flowers hook and melody takes us back in time whilst The Messge delivers choppy and witty verses, giving us that modern yet unique bounce”

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Supermanny (@supermannyy) – Love me

Supermanny delivers heart felt lyrics over and instrumental packed with a heavy bass and a sharp snare.

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Tern The Page (@Ternthepage) – Wandering

TernThePage is in the midst of a rebranding effort, after recently changing the moniker attached to his creativity from JoeyBM to TernThePage. Check out the first release in his new vibe and direction, Wandering as he explains his new vibe and transition.

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Akiva – Canopy of Stars (Video)

This song is about my journey from the city life to a life in nature.

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Baba Shrimps, Nicolas Haelg – “Hurry Hurry (Nicolas Haelg Remix)” @BabaShrimps @NicolasHaelg @SonyMusicCH

Zürich-based band Baba Shrimps, consisting of Adrian Kübler, Moritz Vontobel and Luca Burkhalter have linked with Nicolas Haelg, a native of Winterthur, also in Zürich, Switzerland, who is steadily becoming known for his energetic, and incredibly melodic production. The outcome, is the brilliant-uplifting new single “Hurry Hurry (Nicolas Haelg Remix)”.

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Fred Thomas (@fredthomasmusic) – “Good Times Are Gone Again”

Fred Thomas has got us all thinking again! His brilliant new video for “Good Times Are Gone Again” shows the Michigan indie rock veteran going about his everyday life.

Helena Hauff – “Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg”

From her start in Hamburg’s underground club Golden Pudel to a 2017 BBC Essential Mix that earned her accolades, Helena Hauff has remained relentless in her pursuit of a sound she describes as “grainy and rough and a bit fucked up.” It’s what her upcoming album Qualm excels in: Drawing from the harsher end of techno and EBM, Hauff’s songs are made from from bristling, gnarled textures and sleek futuristic tones. “Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg” is the relentless centerpiece of Qualm, a dystopian slice of electro that’ll shove a soundsystem into the red. Her Roland 303 bass sends the track into full throttle, and a warbling high frequency gives the track a woozy feel, a visceral mix of raw energy and queasiness. Breathless and menacing, her anthemic synth lines conjure the heightened darkness and drama of an old 1980s sci-fi soundtrack—you could imagine it spinning during the nightclub scene in The Terminator. The bruising beats here encapsulate what makes Hauff one of techno’s most formidable forces.