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PoPolitickin Artist Spotlight feat. Boneface (@Bonefaceink @PoPolitickin)

Words best-fitted in describing the personal and lyrical journey of Anwon The Boneface Johnson. Born November 7, 1982, The Boneface grew up in Pensacolas infamous Escambia Arms Projects (aka 3/2 or EA) with the rest of his mothers ten children. His tough-as-nails upbringing and his baptism by fire at an early age helped him build inner character that would help him overcome many hurdles later on. We were packed in the house like sardines. We had an oven for a heater. My moms and pops ran the streets, he recalls. We basically raised ourselves. It felt like it just made us stronger. His never-give-up mentality allowed him to become the first of his siblings to actually graduate high school within four years. Never trying to shake his harsh past, but always trying to build a bigger and better future for himself, he used his schoolhouse intellect to cultivate his lyrical hobby. Initially going by the name Venile, he embarked on a journey with no idea of where it would take him.He was awarded a basketball scholarship to a small community college in Selma, Alabama and did his best to focus on his athleticism as his road to success. But due to financial reasons, he had to go back home to Pensacola. He began hustling and not just drugs and paraphernalia, he realized he had several talents and used every single one of them to make ends meet.

PoPolitickin Artist Spotlight feat. Sharaya J (@Sharaya_J @PoPolitickin)

A native Hawaiian, but raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Sharaya J has always been an artist at heart. She was exposed early by her father who was a member of 90’s Hip Hop group Double XX Posse. Sharaya has always been a natural performer. With a very successful career in the dance industry working with the likes of Diddy, Rihanna, Ciara and Alicia Keys as well as great choreographers like Laurianne Gibson, Fatima Robinson and Jamaica Craft, Sharaya is no stranger to the spotlight.

Cj Soul – Love

Brand new music from Cj Soul, entitled “Love”.

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Terrence Ross (@OfficialTross) – “All Night”

Terrence Ross was born in Oakland, California, with one lung that stopped him from playing football. Being told that he couldn’t play that sport definitely left a scar that he wasn’t sure would heal. He later realized that he had a passion for the entertainment industry: winning several Dancing competitions , Started singing & eventually took music classes. He just released a single called “All Night”, Go give it a listen!.

POP Buchanan (@POPBuchanan) – “The Promise Land” (Video) [Prod. @illegalSpiegel2/Dir. @jshotti]

Former Jaz-O protege, POP Buchanan, follows up strong with another cinematic visual, for his new single “The Promise Land.” In the video “The Promise Land”, Brooklyn wordsmith, POP Buchanan travels through the darkness while searching for his paradise. This gritty, yet raw video is another gem shot by Shotti. Produced by Illegal Spiegel …………

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Goth Homme – “Just Another Rapper”

Brand new music from Goth Homme entitled “Just Another Rapper”, produced by ʜᴏᴍᴍᴇ ʟᴇ ᴛᴇʀʀɪʙʟᴇ. Goth Homme says “Basically this first project I made since I moved into my new place and decided to go full time with music. I bought new equipment to try some new effects. So the song really isnt anything special, its just a very grim song with some glitchy effects. In it I try to talk about some hot topic like relationships and the problems you face in as well as how to avoid them.” Check out the addictive Just Another Rapper below, which is packed with chilled-trap vibes, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.


Kso Klindon (@Clendon_Brown) – “Devil Horn Boy”

Brand new project from Kso Klindon titled “Devil Horn Boy”.

Twitter: @Clendon_Brown