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SJTR5 (@SolarJTR5) – Pop 2018 Overdrive

A recap of songs that made it to the hot 100 going through sega’s old Mega drive classic FM sound!

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Direck (@DireckMusic) – Fly Away (Video)

This song is about a person who becomes frustrated with responsibility and wishes to drop everything and fly away into the clouds. A real story with real passion.

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Therese Marie (@THERESEMARIE6) – “Ain’t That Kinda Man” (Video) [via @mikeellisspeaks]

Singer-songwriter Therese Marie releases the official visual for his addictive, catchy number “Ain’t That Kinda Man”.

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J-DubDMG (@DoinMeJDub) – “Bright Lights” ft. Pops

All real, no gimmicks. A person like many around the world and seem to be rare for his age. Loving music all his life but didn’t want to be involved until late and as a hobby. At the age of 14, a class he took forced him to write poems and just received a lot of good feedback from them. As he made this a passion, music began to grab hold of his way to really release it all more vocally. Soon, he started with an local neighborhood crew, Infamous Clique and then after graduation, he joined the military….the United States Marines.

He never had a chance to really focus hard on the music, being that he was quickly overseas in Iraq but returned to North Carolina. Still looking at it to past as a fun activity, He had formed with fellow Marines on base and called themselves “Doin Me Entertainment” as solo acts but as a crew but soon disbanded due to military contracts being honored with members or assignments to other bases.

Next, J-Dub and Murda Rell finally parted ways after holding things together for so long. Back and for once on his own, J-Dub started to finally searching his ways and soon ran into some local North Carolina guys and formed 252 B.A.N.G. Gang(Bringin’ A New Generation). Soon as things started going good for him, his personal life have been taking attack but he kept on finding his way.

Now after a long hiatus, J-Dub is back at it all full force ready to give people some good music that he has been working on over the years. Now under his own identity and staying true to those he called his brothers coming up, Doin Me Global is what he’s hoping to re-establish in this technology world.

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Tattedupbroc (@tattedupbroc) – “Better Than A Wraith”

Tattedupbroc started as an underground rapper releasing music on soundcloud, but quickly moved his way up the musical ladder. His stage name Tattedupbroc came from the combination of having many tattoos and his longtime nickname being “Broccoli”. The rapper is also busy with his acting career that he is definitely taking serious just as he does his music. Having a another goal of being in major films, he decided to jump start acting by directing, writing and executive producing his own independent film in 2018. The film is starring Tattedupbroc and co-starring his friend & instagram superstar Fatboy SSE who is also from New Jersey. The movie was a quick success on youtube with their fans and social media followers embracing the movie since the day of the release. Now in 2019 he is back with another successful single “better than a wraith” produced by beat maker Nagra Beatz featuring Cory Jones singing the chorus. The song made it to 105.1 mainstream radio in just days after posting it on soundcloud. The video took no time to gain multiple downloads plus streams on all digital music platforms. With instagram superstar Jacob Berger playing the role of the harassing security guard, the video is is full of laughs and definitely a must see.

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Redd Moody – Pressure (@reddmoody @trillestent)

Superb new music from Redd Moody entitled Pressure.

Akash (@TheAkashLife) – “TIP TOE”

Fresh off his “First Class Tour” in India, New Jersey native Akash released a surprise track “Tip Toe” in the wake of fan’s anticipation of his upcoming album “I Wanted to Tell You” set to release, March 29th. With multiple released studio albums and over 1.6 million streams on a remix of Taki Taki, Akash is a veteran of music. The track immediately captures listeners with it’s methodic beat leading into the vocals of Akash. Akash is no stranger to representing his emotion in music and this song is no different as it depicts the inner desires of Akash as a travelling artist. The rhythmic beat was crafted by Anthony “DaVincii” Phillips and the song was engineered by Anthony Scott DePerto. The initial release of “Tip Toe” is available exclusively on YouTube, but the album can be streamed on all platforms on March 29th.


Dotcom & Kurrency – “Meet Up” (@thereal_dotcom)

Brand new music from Dotcom & Kurrency entitled “Meet Up”.





Banklin – “Pancakes” (@mornincafe)

Personal, Dark & Romantic Vibes