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YBL Slick (@yblslick) – “Rarely Looking”

Hot new record from YBL Slick entitled Rarely Looking. Stay up with YBL Slick on Twitter and Instagram @yblslick.

Shemaiah Reed (@ShemaiahReed) – “What’s The Vibe” ft. RavageRaps, Smitty and Maya Miko

“What’s The Vibe” ft. RavageRaps, Smitty and Maya Miko, produced by Shemaiah Reed. Mixed and mastered by KFP Ken from ATL,


Papie Keelo (@1papiekeelo) – “On Time”

The official video for Papie Keelo’s trending single ‘On Time’ is out now ! It was released on October 31 via Dream Sound Media Channel. The music was produced by Romii Records, and the video reach more than 2.5k views already !

INSTAGRAM @papiekeelomusic ||| TWITTER @1papiekeelo ||| YOUTUBE @papiekeelomusic ||| applemusic

Yadul – “Narrow Road”

Narrow road is a song describing the lifestyle that I grew up in dealing with trails & tribulations that molded me into the person that I am today I talk about the loss of my best friend who passed away and that really left traumatized for the rest of life & the only way I learned to ease the pain was to write a song about it that’s why I say I’m walking down this narrow road.

@yadul_estrella – Instagram

100 Strong Network (ft. Joey Natus, Shooter & Mr Chill Will) – “Do It Again”

New single Streaming Right now On Spotify and All Streaming Platforms

Ash G – “Don’t Be A User” (Video)

Ash G is a singer-songwriter that writes her songs from her heart. Every song has a true story behind it. Writing songs helps her get through the good and bad times. Ash G hopes that when people listen to her songs that they can relate. Ash G wants to help send the message for everyone to Stay Positive!

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Lil Dream (@1lildream) – “Voss” (Video)

Lil Dream drops the official visuals for “Voss”, taken from the “Swipe Rixh 2” project, which includes production from Good Intent, Pentagrvm, Captain Crunch Beats and Moonman Johnny. “Voss” sees Lil Dream vibe over a slow tempo, trap-infused Hip-Hop club banger. The record and video is lit, and leaves you wanting to hear the whole project.

Link to the project:

Link to the music video (Voss):

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Katrina Stuart (@KatStuartMusic) – “Blue Roses”

Canadian born, Los Angeles-based Katrina Stuart’s new single “Blue Roses” takes on the subject matter of bad relationships, in an addictive fashion! Katrina’s vocally beautiful delivery finds her croon effortlessly, over a mid-tempo R&B-dance fused instrumental, with a catchy squiggle like effect chorus that leads you wanting more. This is a beautiful record, with deep lyrics.

Link to the single:

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Dom3stic – My Pain

Check out the heavy new record from Dom3stic entitled “My Pain”. “This song is about “Me” and the pain I’ve dealt with and carried over the years. I’m just hoping one day, that it would end,” says Dom3stic.



YouTube link:

J3ENT feat. Project Pat – “Blue Cheese” (Video) (@J3ForYou @ProjectPatHcp)

J3ENT delivers the official visuals for the hot new club anthem “Blue Cheese” featuring Project Pat.

IG @J3entmusic