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D.M.I. Presents Richpockets (@Richpockets) – “What u Gonna Do” (Video)

D.M.I. Presents
Richpockets “What u Gonna Do” (Official Video)
Shot by Diamond Lens Media & Phoenixfoto
Prod by PocketsBeats
Off the album “The Art Collection”
Available on all music platforms
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Necosso (@necossox) – “Summertide”

“Summertide,” the release features electrifying vibes from the press of play as its striking melody combined with the groovy, dance-inducing vocal cut will have any listener moving.

D$AVAGE (@bwa_dsavage) – Off the Yucatán luv

New upcoming artist D$AVAGE water whips a brand new freestyle off of his upcoming mixtape titled “007 The Mixtape” and drops it exclusively on his website


Sweet Lily Love (@LilyLove666) – Drum Machine Joy

This is a Happy Hardcore/Chiptune cover of “Drum Machine Joy” by Joy Electric.


BlackLight (@blackliteTrance) – Hypnotized With The Night (Radio Edit)

The song is about getting lost/hypnotized with the night while having a great time at a large music festival like EDC and being taken away by the music and all happening while living your best life.

Twitter name: @blackliteTrance

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KEMI$TRY (@trykemi) feat. 504 FIEND – “Freak”

This song is basically about freaks a person can be a freak in many ways and anybody can be a freak young old, skinny, fat a single person or a couple.

Twitter @trykemi
Tiktok @kemistry615

Einstein Invents “Freak Key” For Sparky Flinstone (@CryptoSpaarkz)

Sparky Flinstone is a reformed simp and current leader of the LBYF movement. His ex-girl said he had no power and nicknamed him M&M (Minute Man) Peenut. M&M thought life was over until he met Einstein. Einstein put M&M on when he invented the Freak Key. This key would change M&M’s life and help him find a good wife.

Twitter: @CryptoSpaarkz

BlackLight (@blackliteTrance) – I Like It (Original Mix)

I Like It (Original Mix) produced by BlackLight was done so with a high-spirited demeanor! This radiant soundscape has an abundance of styles with the fusion of the jazz and house in that sultry groovy vibe setting up a stunner that feels timeless. The enchanting female vocal that’s fervent and entrancing power the track with seductive passion and integrate in pure perfection with the emphasized rhythm, melodic elements and reverberant textures. Wonderful and smooth, sultry and jazzy, along with driving House undertones.

Twitter: @blackliteTrance

vhsgus (@vhsgus) – “The City”

“The City” is a nostalgic, soulful, and jazzy chillhop track by vhsgus. Feel like you are wandering the streets of NYC with this lofi chill beat.

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ZUKO HARDY (@yxngzuko) – “COLD”

Embracing your dark side and enjoying the hedonistic nature of modern life.