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Deeman OhhRite (@OhhRite) – “Err (Country Twerk)” feat. Lil Bird

“Err (Country Twerk)” is the hot new release for this summer from renown viral Hip-Hop artist Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird.

In the increasingly oversaturated online Hip-Hop market it has become harder for a new single release to get noticed and gain viral status online but the new Country, Trap inspired Single ‘’ Err (Country Twerk)” by Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird has already created a small buzz on social media and reached some of its potential listeners having over 13k plays on Soundcloud alone.

This is only the start of what is to come for the Single release and Deeman ohhrite as an artist as we head further into the year in anticipation for this Summer 2019 which is set to be huge for both Deeman Ohhrite and Lil Bird as they both continue to engage with their fan base on social media and release new and fresh sounding takes on the Hip-Hop genre.

The Single ‘’Err (Country Twerk)”’s new Country, Trap inspired sound and has been climbing social media like wild fire with shares and likes and has the definite potential to go viral for this SUMMER 2019. The Single is expected to gain a large amount of streams such as Deeman Ohhrite’s previous releases on Soundcloud some of which have gained over 400k in streams and the Single release of ‘Err (Country Twerk)’ which has been anticipated by Deeman Ohhrite’s followers on social media is expected to follow suit with the same number of streams if not more by this SUMMER 2019.

Be sure to keep up to date with trending Hip-Hop artists Deeman Ohhrite and Lil Bird on their various social media accounts as they collaborate and create new sounds of genre infused Hip-Hop designed to be both uplifting and chilled out the sound of this SUMMER 2019. The Single “Err (Country Twerk)” by Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird is now available to stream online via Soundcloud, Spotify and all major streaming platforms. The new Single is also available to purchase via all major online music stores.

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Have2 (@have2official) – So Tired

It’s about me, how my last years went, Tired to have to hustle everyday and some opinions about life – says Have2.,,

B Miner (@itsbminer) – Thotiana Remix ft. Papipachino

B Miner delivers Thotiana Remix featuring Papipachino. Remix of Popular song By Blueface.


In an industry polluted with regurgitated artist, NC artist Johnny Breeze is proving he is far from the norm. While the subjects of partying and trapping may seem like a familiar road for us as listeners, the style and flow in which Breeze delivers, instantly seperates him from the pack. This is definitely the case with his 1st single “Cuttin Up” off of his debut project “N.D.S.D.”. “Soon as I heard the beat i snapped, its like the words was on the beat i just stepped in booth and snapped”,says the NC product. The song is a harmonious roller-coaster ride,as Breeze jumps in and out of his flow,midway through his verses to harmonize in an completely different voice tone. The 2nd Single “Now Now” displays Breeze flowing smoothly over a rather laid back track, between an infectious hook. Both tracks are undeniable. The 29 year old MC,who credits his family home being raided 3 times in 3 days 6 years ago as his reasons for pursuing rap professionally, dropped his debut album N.D.S.D. April 9 2019. N.D.S.D is an acronym for No Deal Still Dealing. When asked if he was afraid of any backlash that the title could give off the impression that he may be mistookin for another street glorifying rapper Breeze simply responded, “Contrary to how the title might sound, when someone uses the term “dealing” it doesn’t necessarily have to be from in illegal aspect”, says Johnny “every single thing you do requires u to deal with whatever it is your doing, so basically living life is dealing”. These songs and the entire album can be streamed on all digital platforms.

The Band of the Hawk (@bandofthehawktv) – “Kangol”

Just like that, it is here. After previously blessing us with their spectacular “Flux Capacitor” drop, Houston’s answer to The Wu-Tang Clan and early Pro Era, The Band of The Hawk, have finally released their “Kangol” project. Completely produced by original BOHUP member, Noah Archangel, and mostly upheld by Yeaux Majesty’s idiosyncratic rhymes, “Kangol” is this Texas collective’s 2019 endowment to the world of lo-fi, underground Hip-Hop. A world wherein they are slowly, but surely, becoming kings. The coronation occurs through a bevy of rap-heavy, boom-bap jams. Between sample-driven instrumentals, skits, and the lyrical ventures of featured BOHUP artists, Yeaux Majesty and Noah Archangel string together an impressively cohesive offering. Bangers, such as “Downtown Friday Nights”, “Bedrock”, “‘19 Mentality”, “Golden Child”, and “All U Need” flow seamlessly down this river of Golden Age musicality. If not for the apparent tracklist, “Kangol” could very much be presented as one, elongated piece of music; and that quality alone makes it superior to every other project released alongside it. In the space and history of lyrical, archaic, underground Hip-Hop, this project could very well become a classic. And The Band of The Hawk, the South’s answer to the legendary, old-school rap crews we hardly go a day without giving praise.


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Like Lions (@patricko206) – “Older”

Patrick O’Neill spent 2015 and 2016 on hiatus from creating any new music. The break was a chance to catch his breath – and it makes his return with the shiny, synth-driven “Older” all the sweeter.
Penned with nostalgic lyrics and paired with a dynamic hip-hop beat, the single is an earworm that’ll get stuck in your heart as well as your head.

Twitter: @patricko206
Instagram: like_lions206

Eddie Vegas (@EddieVegas) – Linkin Grime Remix

Blackpool Born Grime Mc/Producer drops Debut single linkin
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Go Go Satish aka Satish Dat Beast – There She Goes Again

“This is about looking at beautiful females…. The most important topic” says Satish Dat Beast.

Go Go Satish aka Satish Dat Beast – “Three Car Garage”

Here’s visuals for Three Car Garage by Go Go Satish aka Satish Dat Beast. “It is actually a song written by my mother who I love more than anything in this world!!!” says Satish Dat Beast.

Go Go Satish aka Satish Dat Beast “Lady Brazil”

This is a song about a Brazilian model named Adriana Lima.