Monthly archives: June, 2019

YBA CAPO – Real Drip (Video)

YBA CAPO delivers Real Drip, the song is about having swag but calling it real drip the song is produced by goose one of the hottest upcoming producers in hip hop today.

Chuck Uzi (@1HUNNITMG) – Clout Chasin’

Brand new music from Chuck Uzi entitled Clout Chasin’.


Rob Georg (@georg_rob) – “Time For Some Ink”

A Southern Rock Song that goes out to all the tattoo lovers out there.


Ace Drucci (@AceDrucci) – “Bluefacez” ft. Gotti Monroe (@GottiMonroe)

Brand new record from Ace Drucci entitled Bluefacez ft. Gotti Monroe.

Twitter: @AceDrucci @GottiMonroe
IG: @acedrucci @gottimonroe

Lil Scottee – “Element” (feat. Abby Glass) [Prod. Lcs]

Lil Scottee is a 16 year old rapper from New Jersey. “Element (feat. Abby Glass) [Prod. Lcs]” available now!

KANGOL STILL MAKING NOISE! (@bandofthehawktv)

The latest Band of the Hawk release, Kangol, finds the collective dropping their strongest lyrics while retaining the languid, disconnected groove listeners have come to identify as classic BOH. That sound, the loop-driven, bottom-of-the-closet beat tapestry (provided by producer/MC Noah Archangel), is perfected here with vocal samples, skit interludes and instrumentation woven to seamless effect (for Noah’s best output, check the instrumental Levitikush from his Maschine Wars release last year). His approach is minimum input/maximum result, as the tracks give fellow MC’s appropriate room to fit verses in every pocket without altering flow or compromising the subject matter.

The MC’s shine here, as their hardest observations are countered with witty self-deprecation and doses of wild humor. King taunts “I’m musically high/never cursed or got drunk/you niggas ain’t rapping/just mumbling junk” over Downtown Friday Night’s fierce Funkadelic sample. The group’s strongest lyricist, King’s delivery is representative of the album’s wide-ranging appeal. His is the group’s gateway flow, as the other MC’s enter and exit joints primarily anchored by the his bars. It’s a formula with a high rate of success, as brother MC’s Noah, Spear Chucka, Whoa Vada, P.Ey3 & STX meet the challenge, tossing bon mots like “back it up to the side of the house with the funnel cut/So I can swim in it like Donald Duck” or “Stomp and stone ya/I’m fucking pneumonia” with an off-the-cuff casualness that feels improvised.

The rumor mill abounds with talk of 2019 being The Band of the Hawk’s final recording year. Let’s hope that’s just talk. Kangol’s achievement lies beyond the crossroads of creativity. It’s artistry represents a possible new path, not a conclusion.



Fatima Revne (@fatimarevne) – “Hallucination”

Fatima Revne once again comes out with a hit! This time a song called “Hallucination” which gives us a sensual vibe! There’s something hypnotic and captivating about Fatima‘s new single. Perhaps, the dark and hypnotizing melody that rings in the background has something to do with it. While to others it is the unique vocal delivery which results catchy. What is certain is that you’ve got to love this Rnb artist’s vocals! Is she going to be Norway’s Rnb queen? Way to go, Fatima Revne! All luck to you!

Stephanie Harris (@Something2Share) – “Get It In While You Can”

“Get It In While You Can,” is a dance record that motivates you into doing something with your life before it’s too late.. It will make you sing, dance and laugh. It also reminds us to love, pray and forgive to groovy beat. It’s great for parties, birthdays, nightclubs and picnics. It has that Washington, D.C. rhythm and beat, to an R&B sound.

Title of song: Get It In While You Can
Longer title: Get It In While You Can, Because Life’s Too Short.
Genre: Inspirational, R&B, Party, Gospel, Dance Music
Lyrics by: Stephanie Harris
Music by: Patrick Peyton