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PBG THE PRINCE (@pbg_the_prince) – All I Wanted

This song is about how PBG has worked hard to rise in the music industry and get signed to a label while staying ground to who he is and what he stands for, enjoying every moment.

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Russky Whisky – “Hey Man (Go me not on the Ghost)”

Genre is Italo Disco with 115 BPM. Funny lyrics (not explicit) in broken English.

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Charleito – “Reached Out” (Video) (@Charleito @TrillestEnt)

Charleito announces new album “Solidified”! Check out the video for Charleito’s “Reached Out”.
Twitter: Charleito // TrillestEnt

Salazar El Tabaquero (@salazar305) – “Gangsta Lean of My Block”

Salazar El Tabaquero delivers the official video for “Gangsta Lean of My Block”, directed by SoFla.
Twitter: salazar305

Bone Nest (@BoneNest) – “Neon Faucet”

BONE NEST is an artist and performer who has recently releases a brand new project, “NEON FAUCET.”

This track is a perfect example of what it’s like to produce great electronic RNB with heaps of drippy textures and trippy vocals. with a modern twist and a lot of energy.

One of the most distinctive traits of this release is certainly the energy and the drive that fuels the performance of the artist. The vocals feel very animated and spontaneous, an obvious sign that this performer is actually genuinely connecting with his lyrics, in a much deeper way. This isn’t just a puppet singer popping out catchy hooks: there is a deeper concept behind the songwriting, which really adds weight to the mix. The song begins with a darker, lush atmosphere, with some epic electronic ambient sounds. The 808-style beat and the vocals kick in soon after, hitting the mix to perfection in a really massive way! BONE NEST has a unique voice, which is energetic, yet melodic, cutting through the mix to perfection.

Find out more about BONE NEST and do not miss out on “NEON FAUCET,” which is now available on Spotify:

Nicetown Sah (@nicetownsah) – “Late Nights”

An upcoming artist from Philadelphia speaking on the daily routines of the “Street Life” and what goes on around him.
Twitter: @@nicetownsah

Gisto – “All By Myself” (Video) (@gisto123 @mikeellisspeaks)

Gisto delivers the official visuals for his hot new single “All By Myself”, which is Canada’s hottest new movement. Gisto rides a gritty trap vibe and raps about relying on yourself to get what you’re after.

Independent and self-produced in Vancouver British Columbia Gisto builds his own beats, records his own songs and creates his own videos. Proving If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Visuals filmed by GLovely Clouds of GLovely Productions, and edited by Gisto, and GLovely Clouds.

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Twitter: @gisto123 @mikeellisspeaks

BFlame (@blueflameky) – “Flame Up”

An American Southern Midwest Hip hop Artist, that has caught Fire delivering a Firestorm of hit records that consume you without effort. This album BFLAME has Created the newest wave of music that has merged two worlds of music’s genres together.

He gives this style of music the title- VOCAL FLUIDITY. Which is like a lyrical musical vocal orchestra of blended melodies and Harmonies over tremendous pounding beats production masterpieces.

BFLAME is Very meticulous and methodical in the approach to making smash Hits,( reminiscent of Michael Jacksons work ethic) he also always acquires perfection in everything he flames up.

BFLAME is definitely bringing Fire on this single. You gotta go get the latest New BFLAME album FLAMED UP out now Everywhere Worldwide. On all your favorite music Apps.


Franco Spurs Releases Amazing Visuals for His Debut Single – Move

It’s that time of the year! The singer Franco last week launched his charismatic debut single – Move, hitting the vibe of all the dancing ladies in the club.

Keeping the finger on the pulse of what feels like falling in love, the song is a fitting release where spending money, drinking and partying never ends.

Switzerland-based Franco Spurs along with his team has been on the grind to capture these crazy visuals for his latest video. He set the mood by voyaging all the way to Barcelona, Spain to hint to the exotic yet familiar vibe of the club.

Check out the video of “Move” here:

“I was inspired to make music because of rappers like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Akon, Wiz Khalifa and more.” said Franco, revealing his inspiration for music.

“I get also inspired by friends who kept pushing me despite me not speaking well English at the time,” He added. “I started taking music seriously ever since the jerk scene spreaded and I was given the opportunity to record own songs.”

Emphasizing on his passion to make headways in music industry as well as his relationship with Jamiie Black, Spurs added, “In 5 years I see myself as one of the top selling artists with my partner Jamiie Black. I also want to become someone who inspire and can help upcoming artists to push their stuff.”

Bali Ky (@_baliky) – “Smoke & Pop”

Hot new single from Bali Ky entitled “Smoke & Pop”, available worldwide today. distributed by Music Fo’ The Mobb Records/So, Let’s Talk.