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CoreyDreamz (@CoreyDreamz) – “Whats Up”

CoreyDreamz is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist, vocalist, songwriter, and actor from West Virginia (based in Denver, CO) coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, & TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

If you’ve ever wondered what an artist looks like that has everything that it takes to become a superstar… take a look at CoreyDreamz! He is multi-talented also being able to sing and act in addition to his ability to create choruses and hooks that are radio-ready for multiple genres of music. This unique talent will allow for longevity within this industry as a songwriter for other artists as well.

His feel-good music will stick in your head and have you reciting the lyrics along with the songs. CoreyDreamz songs and performances leave the audience wanting more and yet the songs give an approach to rap/hip-hop that is effortless but at the same time you can tell that a lot of thought goes into the lyrics and delivery of each track. Some people may think that he is an artistic creative genius as his talent exceeds expectations!

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Razzie – “I Ain’t Shit” (@therealrazzie @trillestent)

Razzie drops another hit, “I Ain’t Shit”. As he stands on the brink of success, multi-talented musician Razzie drops a smooth new single, “I Ain’t Shit”. The chill track picks up where previous releases like “Check Drop” and “Trapped In Ice” left off, blending the punch of modern hip-hop with the grit of the golden age sound. Stylish flows mixed with Hip Hop’s vibrant voice puts Razzie’s raw talent on full display, showcasing his personality and knack for creating innovative sounds that are currently putting him on the map.

twitter: therealrazzie // trillestent

JordanLivinGood – “Fantastic” (@jordanlivingood @trillestent)

Upcoming Austin, Texas artist JordanLivinGood is back with a new club banger produced by ZayyBeatz called ”Fantastic”. The hook on Fantastic is very catchy and will have you singing along before the song is over. This song will fit perfectly in the gym during a workout, and at clubs and parties. He also dropped a very interesting animated music video which has him driving around in the city as he goes to different events.

This is the first single off of his second album ”My Parallel Soul”, which is stated to come out later this year. In 2019, JordanLivinGood opened up for Riff Raff, Quin NFN, and Q Money. At one of his shows Suede The Remix God told JordanLivinGood that his set was hard, and shouted out Jordan on his Instagram story. JordanLivinGood is definitely an artist to watch in 2020.
Twitter: jordanlivingood // trillestent

Brandon Strife – “Sight To See” (@brandonstrife @trillestent)

Born in the Midwest, West Coast adapted, Brandon Strife has come a long way to become the artist that you see now. Growing up in a household youngest of 6, Brandon has seen the ups and downs of what life and society brings and paints a picture of this for his fans with articulate and emotionally driven lyrics that captivates listeners with elements of pragmatism, wittiness and relatability. Brandon Strife’s new single “Sight To See” reflect on him being in different places in life, both up and down, while maintaining a winning mentality regardless of the struggle/strife.

Twitter: brandonstrife // trillestent

Kj-WitaAk – “No Cap” (@kjwitaak @trillestent)

Minneapolis Minnesota rising rapper Kj-WitaAk just just dropped his first video for his new hit single titled “No Cap”. The video features Elmo doing funny skits from coming out of fridge, to snorting powder, dancing and more also the artist sends shots at the government with his amazing flow.

AveryGee (@averygeeee) – “Payday”

Arkansas Artist, AveryGee, just released his latest single record, “Payday,” on April 20, 2020 via all major streaming platforms. One can EASILY expect ANY listener to quickly become engaged with AveryGee’s careless message of relaxation. With strategically placed melodies and AveryGee’s classic hard hitting 808s, this record is sure to be a classic for ages. After all, who doesn’t enjoy staying home on payday?

AveryGee is eager to bring “Payday” to the public’s ear, as it contains a common theme that every working class citizen can relate to: calling in sick, and relaxing on the sacred day that our paychecks are deposited.

Available now on all platforms. Visit

Twitter: @averygeeee

Rookie2x Releases “The Intro” Off His Upcoming Album “Calm Before Tha Storm” (@rookie2x @TrillestEnt)

Rising Louisiana hip hop artist Rookie2x announces the release of “The Intro” on April 18th, which introduces his highly anticipated album “Calm Before Tha Storm” dropping August 7th on all streaming platforms.

The artist’s new album features a variety of talented artists, such as Damar Jackson, Lil’Luci, Shousupreme, Jordanlivingood, and MistaMaze.

Rookie2x has solidified his name in the music industry having been featured in multiple major media outlets, such as Thisis50, Respect Mag, and several others. Rookie2x can be seen rocking the black and white sweat suits in the photos below, which are the only ones made of their kind. When asked about his appearance, the rapper said: “If not illegal, compare how I look rough, to the trending DJ Khaled no hair cut going around the internet, haha.”

Rookie2x is ready to take over the hip hop game by storm. The rapper puts his heart into every lyric and bar he spits, using his music to convey inspirational messages of hope, while reflecting on his journey of life.

Anthony, CEO of Trillest Entertainment, believes the rapper has the potential to be the next big star. Anthony states, “While the rapper is undeniably very talented, his work ethic and consistency is like that over no other, which is essential for success in the music industry.”

Rookie2x’s music is deeper than and unlike any of the music you hear on the radio today. It’s real life being rapped over hard hitting instrumentals that the world can relate to and find hope in.

Twitter: rookie2x // TrillestEnt

Jaysus Zain (@JaysusZain) – “Rage Of The Pen”

Rising multi-talented artist, actor, activist, poet, and educator Jaysus Zain just released a hot new single titled “Rage Of The Pen”. Check out his amazing and inspirational work below that will surely captivate your attention.

Tyler Mhac – “Low Resistance” (@tylermhac @trillestent)

Rising rap star Tyler Mhac just dropped a hot new single titled “Low Resistance”. Check it out below!

Andrew Hetherington – “Turn Off The Lights” (@IMakeSongs)

Turn Off The Lights taken from the 2020 album Ones And Zeros by electronic music producer Andrew Hetherington is downtempo pop music of the highest order featuring a great bass groove and awesome guitar melody.

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