Daily archives: May 12th, 2020

Chris Case (@onlychriscase) – “Go Back”

Chris Case is a talented Hip Hop and rap artist, who is garnering attention for his hard-hitting rap verses and amazing vocals. He began his career at a young age of 16, releasing his songs on Soundcloud and now he is committed fully to make professional quality music that puts an impact. Throughout his musical journey, he has met people who helped him sharpen his skills by making him a protégé.



JC (@ITSYABOYJC) – “QuikTrip”

JC and J. Minor link up for a Summer Smash driven towards the finest of ladies. Wordplay and dope melodies make this an instant classic! JC came up with the idea simply by stopping for gas and grabbing a hotdog from a local QuikTrip in Atlanta, GA. The track was playing in the car and the rest was history. That simple.

For the Nashville native and Atlanta resident, Justin “JC” Crowder, the goal is to make music that people will remember and relate to; invoking an unforgettable feeling. For his more popularly known moniker, JC, it’s about creating real music with a touch of swag; charisma in the form of a sound recording! Referring to his writing style, he states, “Everything I write is clean and catchy with strong metaphors, fresh concepts, and captivating melodies that stick.” JC is pleasant, humble, quite witty and even a little shy at times. He lacks arrogance, yet embodies character built confidence. But one thing stands above all these traits…JC is a STAR!