Daily archives: May 13th, 2020

GS11 – “Bunkin'” (@GS11Official @TrillestEnt)

GS11, was born Gary Montgomery and is known by his nickname, G Smooth. G is a versatile music artist from Magnolia, North Carolina’s Highway 11. His musical trap sound is deeply influenced by his southern small-town roots. As hip hop & trap music continues to become more stylistically diverse there isn’t a single aesthetic that can box in the up and coming GS11. From G’s hard-hitting trap songs to his more melodic side, GS11 is carving out a lane of his own in this industry. G’s poised and ready for stardom and ready to take over 2020 and define the sound of the next decade. Stay tuned for what GS11’s cooking up next for the masses.



Diom (@mldiom) – “Suya”

West African rapper, Diom (short for his last name Diomandé) began rapping at a very young age memorizing his favorite raps from the biggest Ivorian rap group at the time M.A.M. But it wasn’t until he found himself in high school in Atlanta, GA that he actually began writing his own. First in french but then in English and with the advent of fruity loops he began producing.

His first three projects: The Fresh Prince of the A, The Voyager, and Stage 3 were all self-produced. Wanting to change his creative process to allow for more possibilities, his latest work has not been self-produced although his signature style of producing will be back in due time.

His music is a blend of hip hop, Afrobeat with classic string instruments (you can blame Rob Dougan for that), although he is a big fan of Daft Punk so some EDM elements may make some appearances.


Zandra Vibes (@ZandraVibes) – “Don’t Wanna Leave”

Zandra’s latest single “Don’t Wanna Leave” was produced by Dwayne Moore and Charles Davids out of an Atlanta, Ga. recording studio where Zandra flies out to record her new music with her production team. Writing credits for this single go to Dre Lue who says of the new single, “When I got the beat for “Don’t wanna leave” I focused on a more edgy version of Zandra’s style. A little mixture of pop with an urban twist. What we came up with was a happy medium that the fans will enjoy.” Zandra says, “Don’t Wanna Leave is a song about self-confidence and knowing your worth. It’s about loving your essence in the context of a relationship. A gentle reminder to love your vibe no matter what.”

Website www.ZandraVibes.com
Instagram www.instagram.com/ZandraVibes
Twitter www.twitter.com/ZandraVibes
Facebook www.facebook.com/ZandraVibes
Youtube www.youtube.com/ZandraVibesMusic


Barachi – “On Me” ft. O.T. Genasis (@barachimusic @trillestent)

Miami artist Barachi returns with his new music video for his hit single “On Me” featuring O.T. Genasis. Barachi keeps his fans entertained during quarantine throughout the pandemic with a clean visual. Check out the new music video and let us know what you think!


Novacane – “See Me” (@itsnovacane @trillestent)

Novacane is an American songwriter, actress and recording artist, hailing from Virginia. Her approach to music is quite innovative as it is a free form of expression belonging to no particular genre, spanning the sounds of pop, r&b, and hip-hop. Novacane specializes in composing passion felt tunes and explosive lyrics, she refers to as controlled chaos. Her arrangements are comprised of catchy hooks formed with bars in a lyrically trendy yet elegant style.

Novacane has performed at various venues across the East Coast gaining a heavy fanbase throughout markets such as Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts. Having captured the ear of DJ Enuff, her hit song and music video entitled, “DollaBillz” was featured on ThatsEnuff.com. Novacane recently released her newest single “This Year” which can be downloaded on all digital media platforms. Novacane also released 2 visual singles “Go Up” and “Everyday” which branch to opposite ends of the musical spectrum, showing diversity and true artistry.

As Novacane prepares for the debut of her most recent single “See Me” in which she shows a more exciting and captivating version of herself, she gives you a look into the new and improved version of Novacane! Focused and ready for the world, there is no limit to the artistry Novacane is preparing to deliver.