Daily archives: June 21st, 2020

Ynx 716 (@ynx716) – “97 Nas”

Ynx716 was born in Buffalo Ny. As a youth, he was exposed to Gospel and R&B music and it gave him the foundation when he began creating music later on. At first, music was a hobby, but as he continued, he began taking it more seriously. For Ynx716, music became a way to vent his struggles, experiences and reality. Currently, he is working on his new album release ‘HENNESSY MEMORIES’.

YNX 716 is a hip hop lyricist from the rough & gritty streets of Buffalo New York. YNX 716 growing up was inspired by Nas, Scarface, Outkast & Lloyd Banks. YNX 716 is a lyricist that captivates your ear and takes you on a musical journey that you will never forget. YNX 716 delivers a 1990s musical sound that takes you back to the essence of Hip Hop.


Monte – “I Declare” (@TonioMarshall @TrillestEnt)

My name is Monte, I’m an artist from Detroit currently based out of New York. A lyricist for the new generation with a powerful message to share, in my first single “I Declare” I boldly go after the system that has oppressed the minority (specifically black people) for so long and how it has brought us to the breaking point we are currently at. All this over a banging trap beat with a hook that still leave room for you to bob your head. Check it out here. https://soundcloud.com/monte56757/i-declare this song is available on all streaming platforms.