Brand new music from PROSPEC & MATTEO entitled “PRIVATE SHOW”. The song is about the opposite of PDA, keeping things low key. The Lady / Ladies want to show her/their Man/Men a good time but not publicly.

wwwGaane.Tube invites song writers and singers who are really talented to be a part of their endeavour of making it big in music industry. Come joins hands with us to make your future.

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CerVon Campbell (@cervoncampbell) – “DND”

The song is made to calm, its mid panic attack speaking words of affirmation to put self at ease.

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NatStar (@natsocold) – “11”

Brand new NatStar single entitled “11”. Follow @natsocold on all platforms.

Super Sweet (@triplepshirts) – Social Network

A song about my dislike of the social media society we live in.

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MiddleGround (@MiddleGroundU) – “Breathe In”

UK-based duo MiddleGround release their new single “Breathe In”, through Hibernation Muzik and So, Let’s Talk. The single was premiered by TCTS on KISS FM. Described as the perfect balance between house and tech, production team Steve Ryan and Scott Fouracre, are experienced DJs and have previously released music on labels Marylebone, Tech Avenue and Distortion.

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RILLA – “Sticks Up”

“Find me in the cut way back where the sticks was”. A line from RiLLA’s new single from his upcoming album titled “SiNGLES”! Set to release February 22nd.

Just like his original unique album title, We have a lot to “listen” forward to from Da MooSE! So if you can stand the heat, Come cook in Kitchen!

“Sticks Up” release date is February 22nd on all major platforms.

H2SO4 – Fast Cars

Independent Dance music with a rock’n Roll ethos.

Quis Esko – “Keep It Solid” (via @TrillestEnt)

Born in Florence, South Carolina on June 14th, 1993, Quis Esko was raised in Lake City as part of a big family. Quis (born Mariquis Breshawn Jager), always knew there was something special about himself.

He is talented, but it was not always the rap industry for Quis. He can play any sport he puts his hand to, he first started playing basketball, football, and baseball when he was five years old. In a family of seven siblings five brothers and one sister, Quis still stands out.

Self-described as a mix between Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and Gucci Mane, Quis started rapping at the age of 12. With his life experiences growing up around gangsters, thugs, pimps, drug dealers and even murderers, not only does he have authority to rap about the things he does but his name carries a certain profile and respect that is not often seen by newcomers.

Quis Escobar growing up was locked up, he got into a lot of fights, hung with the gangsters, and with the bangers, his main goal was then and still is now, to get money. His name he is well respected in the streets but not just for the gangster reputation but because he gives back to his community. He is a man of the people.

Blessed with a strength and determination not often seen Quis Escobar is a straight talking, rap artist who follows through on what he says. So, watch this space. Big things are happening in 2022.

Jose Cuervoo (@cuervoo_jose) – Super Gremlin Remix

Jose Cuervoo delivers with a hot remix of Kodak Black Supergremlin. You can link with the up and coming West Coast artist on Twitter @cuervoo_jose.……&