Invinceable – “So Loaded” (@oginvinceable @trillestent)

Brand new Invinceable video for “So Loaded”. Featuring Roman & DJ Battlecat.

Jakob – CANDY

Hard beat.

Pockets & TeX (@Pocketsntex) – Residue

Drugmusicink Presents Pockets & TeX “Residue” The Album. The latest project from the Brooklyn duo showcasing their versatility, lyricism, & melodic choruses over pulsating production. From the underground smash Say Less, to the smoothness of HighWays,  to the Frankenstein creation All In, Pockets & Tex (RX) is a full bag of treats for any vibe. The project is a roller coaster continuously taking you through an adventurous tour of their vision. The track listing is a blend of sophisticated & grimey New York elements with high octane spots to rattle any trunk. Residue is Pockets & TeX carving their names in a industry that’s over saturated, by providing a sound that’s been missing from the game, & reminding the world that Brooklyn keeps on taking it…

Available on all music platforms

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7 Ways to Use Music to Boost Your Wellbeing

7 Ways to Use Music to Boost Your Wellbeing

Regardless of age, gender or address, we all share a love for music. Music is commonly associated with having fun and letting loose, but did you know that it can also improve your mental and physical health?

Music therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to relieve stress and anxiety, boost happiness and increase productivity. And the best part? With Chillout Radio, it’s easy and virtually free at chillout radio website!

How it works

Music boosts levels of serotonin, dopamine and even opioids in the brain. These are known as “feel-good” chemicals associated with pleasure and reward. Higher levels of these chemicals in the brain lead to improved mood, lower levels of pain, heightened focus and energy, and greater relaxation. Music is pretty powerful stuff, and is completely drug-free!

7 health benefits of music

1.     Become more productive

Feeling lethargic in the office? Get your mojo back by switching on some Katy Perry; research shows that pop music with a tempo of between 50-80 BPM helps you feel calmer and more alert, and increases alpha waves in the brain (which can help you get into the much-desired “flow state”). This can help with creative thinking and making repetitive tasks less tiring.

2.     Boost your motivation

If you can’t muster up the will to turn off Netflix and get off your couch, you might want to try listening to music. As mentioned, music releases dopamine, which is responsible for motivation and reward. Fast-paced music also wakes up the sympathetic nervous system, leading to increased heart rate and breathing – thereby giving you the energy you need to move. And of course, a happier mood can lead to feeling motivated, too.

3.     Learn to relax

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, music can be an incredibly effective way to relieve these feelings and help you to relax. Studies suggest that music with a slow pulse and soothing rhythm can have the opposite effect of fast-paced music, triggering the parasympathic nervous system and leading to a slower heart rate, slower breathing, lower cortisol levels and reduced brain activity. In other words, it makes you feel really relaxed. It can be so effective that researchers even warn against listening to slow-paced music whilst driving!

4.     Ease insomnia

In a similar vein, music with a slow tempo can help you fall asleep, too. Research has shown that listening to classical music or slow, relaxing melodies before bed improves insomnia and increases sleep quality. Aim for instrumental music (no lyrics) with 60BPM – listening to heavy metal is unlikely to help, as is anything that elicits strong emotions – positive or negative.

5.     Relieve pain

Studies have shown that music which creates a contented mood can relieve both temporary and chronic pain. It works in a number of ways, such as by reducing stress and anxiety, creating a distraction from the pain, boosting mood and triggering the release of opioids (the body’s natural pain-relief) in the brain. This improves pain tolerance and pain sensitivity. This has exciting implications for people with conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and back problems, and for people who have undergone surgery.

6.     Perform better at the gym

Besides curing your treadmill-boredom, music can also help improve physical performance. Studies have shown that listening to fast-paced music (with high beats per minute) during a workout increases your pace and endurance. It delays fatigue, relieves pain and improves your work capacity – giving you the strength and power you need to lift those heavy weights.

7.     Maintain a healthy memory

Studies have shown that learning and playing an instrument can ward off dementia and slow down the natural process of cognitive decline due to ageing. Playing an instrument challenges and strengthens the brain by activating regions associated with memory, attention, information processing and reasoning. While simply listening to music is associated with improved memory, studies suggest the strongest effects for those who play an instrument – so if you’ve ever wanted to learn guitar, now is the perfect time to start!


As if you needed a reason to love music more than you already do, you’ve now got seven more. Keep on top of your physical and emotional wellbeing with the help of music.

G2 (@G2Muzik) – ‘Real Life’

G2’s ‘Real Life’ is a newly released album and compilation with jams about the realities we all face in daily life.

Twitter: @G2Muzik

Listen now on Apple Music:

F.L.Y. by The Band of the Hawk is a Whole New Vibe For An Old Tradition (@bandofthehawk_)

Listen to the very first Holiday song from The Band of the Hawk. “F.L.Y.” takes the energetic boom bap sound and flips it with a Christmas miracle. Mixed with the mythology of the holiday, this track raises an eyebrow while bobbing your heads. While jamming and “Feelin’ Like Yashua”, the track punches and lyrically hints at the ideas of Black Jesus and the symbolism of the Sun. The sample is obviously from a Christmas song, but manipulated enough so you don’t know off hand. Add this to your Xmas playlist; it is sure to start some conversation. #BOHUP

R.A.E. RealNExplicit – “Champion” (@realnexplicit @trillestent)

R.A.E. RealNExplicit drops the hot new single “Champion”, hear it below!

J-Dubdmg – “I’m 4rm Pittsburgh” (Video) @jdubdmg @trillestent

Visuals for the hot new record from J-Dubdmg entitled “I’m 4rm Pittsburgh”.

Zandra Vibes (@ZandraVibes) – “Anxiety” (Video)

Zandra co-wrote “Anxiety” with 7x Grammy nominee, Billboard and ASCAP songwriter of the year Taj Jackson. She was inspired in her co-writing of ‘Anxiety’ by the feeling you have after an intense night of physical union with another person and experiencing that the person is still with you, even though they are gone. Taj says of his inspiration, “It’s a deeper sense of love, not losing the persons touch even when they’re not physically touching you… not wanting to let go and being mesmerized by the essence of them and it can feel very similar to anxiety”. The mesmerizing, bass laden production was produced by Charles Davids and Dwayne Moore and coupled with Zandra’s signature airy, mystical vocals.

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LoudboyCooley (@LoudBoyCooley) – “Money Dreams” (feat. ChellyTheMC)

LoudBoyCooley set the tone of his up coming mixtape “Loud Life” with the release of his 2nd Single “Money Dreams” featuring another buzzing star from the Dmv: Chelly the Mc. These two together paint the picture of the hustle, the grind, and the shine. The growth and the true passion for music and change. Loudboy using his melancholic tones to ride the beat and deliver keeping up alert through the entire song. Definitely anticipating the release of “Loud Life” early 2020.

Twitter: @LoudBoyCooley