Realmannyg – “Take it easy”

Realmannyg’s hot new single “Take it easy” is a dance song perfect for Summer.

Listen on Spotify:

Will (@Will45344460) – “Blue Night Sky”

Here’s the massive new single from Will titled “Blue Night Sky”.

Listen on Spotify:


Fatima Revne (@fatimarevne) – “Falle”

Fatima Revne delivers a superb, feel good, summer pop anthem with “Falle”. The song is about having a safe place back home, where your loved one is. Fatima croons this effortlessly, with stellar vocals, over a soft-beautiful ballad instrumental. This is a lovely song by Fatima Revne yet again! This R&B princess from Norway continues to deliver, with this dreamy and pleasant song where she sings like an angel, sent to live out a dream of pop stardom-which makes her stand out from the rest.


Crisus ft. Gothem – “No time to waste”

New release from New Jersey artists.

Stan Sitwell – “City Lights” (@djtimmills)

It’s about the city I grew up in, Tokyo.

Lina Dior & OG Stally – “Ecstasy” (Video)

Lina Dior & OG Stally, “Ecstasy” out now music available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, also you can watch the video on YouTube. Lina also has an free subscription to be sure to like and subscribe to her content also.

ialreadyforgotwhoiam (@Ialreadyforgot3) – “Ghost of Mr.Warner”

It’s wild.

Misan Akuya (@MisanAkuya) – “The Carnival Of Life”

The Carnival Of Life is about how in life we can go so many different directions, on so many different rides, but we can always come home.

Instagram: @misan_akuya

Finessen (@_finessen) – “Mulatto”

This song is about a fantasy he wants, a beautiful lady that hustle for her like the lady Mulatto. That’s what he needs.

Twitter: _finessen

Stuntman Ron (@LilRon_500) – “Vibes”

That stuntman Ron track “vibes” pack a lot of punch and bring a lot of heat. It’s one of those fun and energetic songs that’s make you want to listen over and over again.

Twitter: @LilRon_500