Blackajack (@blackajack) – “Rage”

Blackajack, the Birmingham Hip Hop/rap artist who has always believed he is born to be a Rock Star. Now positioned to indulge in the rap life until his heart content, he continues to take on the ruthless industry with brute force and man handle any microphone that stands in his way of any crowd and a new following as he gathers them up in numbers and intend to march them down to the biggest arena in the Town like the Pied Piper.

His Goals and aspirations are being a UK mainstream artist with his nonconformity to the expectations of how a UK rap artist should be, that’s what makes this artist a true champion.

Blackajack is staidly forming an expressive persona of trapstar attribute. This artist will certainly be going places. Merchandising as a brand and currently releasing his New Single “RAGE”.

The song is also on the Creed 2 Soundtrack playlist on Spotify;