GLIFFO – “Get The Sun In Your Head”

You whistled a melody in your smartphone and a couple of months later you hit the charts! This happened to Gliffo, the German newcomer, who woke up one morning with a melody stuck in his head. He whistled this melody in his smartphone and sent it to a friend in Berlin who – as it happens – is a music producer.

His friend spotted the catchiness of the melody, completed it and created – in cooperation with the artist – a rock/pop arrangement with interesting guitar licks and two house remixes for the Dancefloor. “ Get The Sun In Your Head“ hit the German and Italian Amazon Download Charts – in Germany it even reached the 10th place – already shortly after its release.
The music video also produced by Jörg Sieghart – earned 100.000 views only in the first four weeks and it has received a great deal of positive feedback from radio stations, music blogs, music magazines and playlist curators . At the beginning of April 2019 “Gliffo” had 10.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The good-vibe-song „Get The Sun In Your Head“ has been very well received by quite a large audience so it is not really surprising that the first remixers are eager to create their own versions of this song. Also the so called “Pope of Audi & HiFi” Christoph Schürmann became attentive to the song and is using it for demonstration of the bst HiFi systems in the world! An a capella version is already under progress and a new single is in the planning stage so we are quite curious what will be Gliffo`s upcoming release. The best move is to subscribe to Gliffo`s Youtube channel and follow him on Spotify and Facebook…

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