Lil Probz (@Lilprobz1) – The Warning (Video)

Lil Probz is back with his brand new EP entitled ‘Concrete Vol.1′. He has also released a visual to one of the tracks “The Warning”. The video is now available on YouTube and you can get ‘Concrete Vol.1′ via free download.

Concrete Vol.1 (EP)

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JSMV (@JSMVOfficial) – Señorita

Soulful, dance act JSMV are back with the incredible new summer single Señorita, available now to download/stream across all platforms. Find JSMV on Twitter @JSMVOfficial.

Zay P (@officialzayp) – Greater Than I #swerrrdmedia

Zay P is an up-and-coming American artist who’s no stranger to travel. He got his first taste for music in his hometown church, where sang tenor for the church choir. Although When he was 9, Zay, his two brothers, and his parents all moved across the country from South Orange, New Jersey to Ladera Ranch, California due to his father’s work.

It’s hard to remain outgoing and be expressive when you’re in a new place and you don’t know anyone or anything about this new place’s culture. The feeling of alienation he got from being the only person of color in his school pushed him into being more of an introverted person. Zay spent most of his time inside playing various video games on different as a way to escape from his new reality, games like Super Smash brothers and Call of Duty are still today two of his favorite games. Zay P, now a graduate from Pace University, his parents alma-mater, has his sights set on breaking into the industry with his first debut project “I Am Who I Am” released to Apple Music and Spotify.

Here he presents hip hop with an almost nostalgic feeling, he doesn’t sound like any other artist in his generation, in fact he flows more like an MC out of the 90s. In the song, “Greater Than I”, we hear the artist proclaim his motivation for being in the industry and his goals for the future. With “I Am Who I Am” being his first project, a lot more can be expected from this artist in the future.


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D-Kel (@iamdkel) – Mix & Blend (Video)

Distinctive London rapper D-Kel presents his new alternative & energetic single Mix & Blend. The unique hybrid of Grime, Garage and Boombap combines perfectly to form an innovative, exciting, fresh new sound destined stand out from the crowd. “Mix & Blend” (Prod. by Spanish producer DDO) is the new single from his new project (Mix & Blend EP), a representation of D-Kel’s various tastes in many genres which he has come across growing up in South London .

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Savannah (@uksavannah) – Taxing Times (Video)

Brand new visual by Telford’s Savannah, for this superb new track entitled “Taxing Times”.

BlackLight (@BlackLight_ATX)- WolfHound EP

Austin, TX Hip Hop artist and audio engineer BlackLight has set his sights on a hefty goal: climbing the charts without the help of a major label. With intellectual lyrics, infectious beats and meticulous production, BlackLight is dedicated to his art. “I’m a lyricist. I give voice to unspoken struggles, I tell stories and I have fun,” says the emcee. After two and a half years of producing for local and national names at Matchbox Studios and The Recording Conservatory of Austin, it is time to focus on his own art.

This summer, BlackLight released Wolfhound- a collaboration Trap-feel album that he produced, featuring Fabe the Invincible and Ca$$inova. His next endeavor: hit the studio hard for the production of his debut solo album, Legacy. “Music is what I love, and it’s the legacy I’ll leave for future generations,” he says.

BlackLight uses music as a medium through which knowledge and empowerment can be transferred to his audience. A military veteran, business owner and family man, he is known for his political prose and lyrical content. BlackLight’s upcoming album is an amalgamation of these experiences, and represents his evolving art as a lyricist. Artists such as The Roots, KRS1, Lupe Fiasco and Andre 3000 inspire BlackLights style of music, which can best be described as Alternative Hip Hop.

Tracks such as “Look Round,” “To the Top,” and “Colder” are receiving radio play from local stations as well as online platforms, and BlackLight continues to interview and promote his brand. His first single, “Colder,” was a semi-finalist in the 2017 Unsigned Only music competition. “Next year I’m going to make it further,” says BlackLight. “I’m entering as many competitions as I can. Ask me again this time next year, and I’ll have even more to show you.”

BlackLight continues to perform in Texas, and hopes to begin expanding his reach outside of the state by next year. “I want to continue to build my fanbase… I want to keep that momentum going,” he says. “I’ve got my eye on South by Southwest 2018, and maybe even a tour. I won’t fail.”

You can support BlackLight’s goal by listening to his music, following and giving feedback on Soundcloud. Connect with BlackLight on social media and follow his journey.

J.E Da Weirdo (@je216werido) – 28 Gramz feat. @ChrisdaCEO

Cleveland artist J.E Da Weirdo drops smash hit 28Gramz with a twist from ChrisdaCEO creating a instant classic.

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YT ifuplz (@Yungtone_YT) – Never Losing (Couple Bandz Rmx)

The official music video of YT ifuplz’s “Never Losing [Couple Bandz Rmx]” off of the “Demonstration” mixtape out now!

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Fudakochi (@Fudakochi) – Melanin Poppin #swerrrdmedia

Soulternative Recording Artist “Fudakochi”
Rocsoulfully Records presents: FUDAKOCHI (pronounced Foo-dah-co-chee) has released his new LP “Love Invasion S.P.” This new Album is being launched after a musical evolution that occurred by finding his sound – Soulternative.

The album which was supposed to be released in 2015 was not satisfactory according to Fudakochi. However, this was the catalyst to what is now “Love Invasion S.P.” FUDAKOCHI’s resurgence with new soulful material showcases true usage of his time to reflect on life, love and God. He also elaborates and mentions that “The evolutionary process was a journey…it has brought me to a new understanding about myself, which translates into my music.”

Through his journey Fudakochi, recorded many songs and has accumulated a 17 song album. With his earlier release of his EP “Sound” he wanted to give everyone just a teaser of what’s to come.

“Love Invasion S.P.” is an experience and it takes you into space, some would say to Soulternative Planet. Laced with songs like “Spaceborn” which embodies the essence of Soul, psychedelic and alternative music. As well as the summer anthem “Melanin Poppin” which is sure to keep you cool with a soulful vibe. The album also includes smooth faint notes of rock and soul in “Together” which is the soulful dimension of the album. The entire album embodies a journey through space, time and sound. The album is now available on AppleMusic and Spotify.


Lisa Maffia (@Lisamaffiauk) – “Wah Gwarn” (Video)

Taking a break from her fashionista lifestyle within managing and directing her own fashion line, Lisa Maffia has returned to the music scene with a new wave of garage beats that are sure to get your head bopping. “Wah Gwarn”, the brand new single, is available now. Lisa recently finished recording her second album; which is due out soon.