What We Do?

In the nutshell, we are a music blog that showcases music of all genres. Depending on our relationship, we can send your music to targeted bloggers and digital media outlets specific to your genre, for broadcast consideration. Our contact database of over 5000 blogs is segregated into music genres, so we target the correct demographic. We are able to reach Pop music blogs, Hip-Hop blogs, House/EDM blogs, R&B blogs, Indie/Rock blogs and more genres.

Exclusively through Fiverr.com (@VIPDJz) – we will post your music or video on our blog. We also distribute an email newsletter once a week, to subscribed members (you too can subscribe on our homepage), containing all of the music we post for that given week.

While commercial radio is still a major format for breaking a record, into a hit. Commercial radio is the last stronghold of the majors.┬áMusic blogs and online magazines have become a portal for independent artists to break music without being played on the radio. In 2013, more people use the internet to find new music than listen to the radio! It’s a fact that the majority of hit records become a hit online, before we hear it on the Radio. Where years ago, a single would be “World Premiered” by a record breaking DJ, on a major radio station. Today labels and recording artists choose to world premiere music on Popular Blogs, Digital Commercials, YouTube, SoundCloud or Social Media pages.

Our challenge and opportunity to you as an artist, is to allow alternatives to follow the same path that traditional radio went down. For example, if we send your record to 100 R&B blogs, then 5 of those blogs post the song on their website. Now imagine if 1,000 people visit those 5 websites every day, that means your music maybe seen by 5,000 people.


Are you familiar with the Hype Machine? Hypem are the biggest network of music blogs in the world, they keep track of what music is posted and on what blogs, the more blogs within the Hypem network that post your music, the higher up the Hypem charts you rise. Once your music charts here, your record goes viral. We at PlayByVIP can deliver your record to every blog on the Hypem network, specific to genres!